Legacy As Livelihood is Purpose Coaching for spiritually-minded people that understands purpose as the way to be in relationship with life. Approaching it requires true devotion, space and curiosity – like ANY intimate relationship. We believe that by shifting HOW you approach your life effects how your purpose reveals itself.

Our intention is to provide 1 on 1 guidance and group classes that will direct you to build awareness, systems, structures, rituals and practices throughout your day so you can eliminate distractions that take you away from life and become more present / focused / connected to approach your day and attend to what your life’s purpose is asking from you.

Our mission is to support you break free from stuckness and emerge as an alive, health, animate and interconnected purposeful human for the sake of impacting our culture and generations of life to come.

Intrigued? Onwards…

Do you want to be living with purpose?


During these unsettling and changing times, many of us struggle with understanding what we are here for. And, we struggle everyday because we’re doing things we don’t want to be doing.

Maybe your struggle looks like this:

I tolerate my job. But it doesn’t require my fullest potential. So, I hold it in. A lot. And, it hurts.

Or maybe your struggle sounds like this:

I don’t identify with myself anymore. There’s more to me – a real talent and ability to give – but no one sees it. And, I’m frustrated, daily.

These are actual quotes from my clients.

I feel stuck in the pressure that I feel everyday. I distract myself after work so I don’t have to face it. Everything seems to be on repeat. Am I going anywhere?

Underneath all the stuck, there’s something you want.

I want movement. I want tangible proof that my purpose is going somewhere good.

I want courage. I want courage to trust that I can do the real work I’m meant to do.

I want expression. I want to express my gifts, and do something that matters.

I want value. I want to value my livelihood and wake up with a purpose.”

I want connection. I want to connect and share my gifts and feel like what I’m bringing is wanted.

Your greatest purpose is not just wanted, it’s necessary.

But it doesn’t just come cause you want it.
It requires something from you.

Get unstuck. It’d be an honor to support you courting your purpose. Schedule a free consultation and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Hi, I’m Day. I’m a purpose coach, passionate teacher and innovative thinker. I’m driven to guide people to live their purpose + livelihood with meaning and awe.


Welcome. I’m the founder of Legacy as Livelihood, a place for Purpose Coaching and Learning. My main objective is to help get you unstuck and directed with your purpose so it can begin impacting more than just you.

As your guide, I vow to show up as if you living and working with purpose is a necessary and needed offering for humanity and the times we’re in. It’s not time to play small anymore.

  • I specialize in clear and intuitive guidance for people who are ready to take their purpose more seriously and aim for greatest impact. My approach is practical, nature-connected and spiritual in its core.
  • I bring a focused watchfulness, deep capacity to listen and a skillfulness to cut through the BS.
  • I offer personalized practices, tools, research, rituals, reflection that are immediately implementable.
  • My clients range from those who’s work and gifts are painfully separate to those living with purpose and want to deepen in their calling.  I have over 15 years experience guiding people (and myself) back to purpose and providing a uniquely sacred, safe, creative and accountable container for this freeing, life enhancing work.
For more background on Day click here

I have over 15 years of experience guiding people back to purpose and providing a uniquely sacred, safe, creative and fiery container to explore how to live with your calling. I offer one-on-one “Emerge” coaching programs, group classes and am currently bringing my “Break Free Labs” to sold-out audiences in Portland, NYC, San Francisco, L.A. and Miami. I have been experimenting with weaving my gifts into my livelihood for over a decade: As the Diller Award winning teen educator leading a nature-connection program; as a Director/ Assistant Director off Broadway and as a Vipassana meditator and spiritual guide. Currently, I’m a scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School in Canada, studying the skills of deep living and human culture with my teacher, Stephen Jenkinson.

I am also an artist, creating “Morning Altars” – beautiful mandalas from found objects under one tree. To view these impermanent art installations, please see my blog or follow me on Instagram @creativeemancipator

With all of my work: I always strive for impeccable clarity and big vision. I show up ready to roll and have great respect for right timing. I have a strong distaste for neediness and a proclivity to proceed as if needed. I offer beauty wherever I can and believe that humor heals. I love peeling back things. And, I’m constantly dancing with my purpose on Earth and I never want that dance to end; yet I’m humbled that one day it will.

Psyched to connect,


  • Increased focus in work
  • Feeling connected and not alone
  • More time/energy not spent on distractions
  • Increased levels of curiosity and creativity
  • Greater trust
  • Broader perspective and awareness
  • Confidence in spontaneous decisions
  • Better follow-through on commitments


  • Increased ability to bring your purpose into whatever you do
  • A greater sense of awe
  • Skill of not taking things personally
  • Feeling connected to something greater than yourself
  • Greater access to your humanity
  • Kinder to yourself and all others
  • Increase in generosity and grace

WE’D be a GREAT FIT if

  • You love nature and feel fully alive and connected when you’re outdoors
  • You love rituals that make the mundane meaningful and beautiful
  • You like working with someone who is direct and clear while still loving you as you are
  • You love being creative and trying new things out
  • You see the brokenness of our western culture and strive to leave the world better than you found it.
Melita Silberstein
Melita SilbersteinMusician

My work with Day has been so incredibly valuable. He helped hold a container for me to really delve down deep to open up to parts of my being that really needed attention, but I was somehow not able to tackle alone. He unfailingly modeled self-love, authenticity, right work, and truth speaking, and by doing so, encouraged me to do the same. I highly recommend working with Day.

Hampton Neal
Hampton NealMassage Therapist

Day is a mentor, a mirror, and an inspiration. He is a sharer of fresh and invigorating perspective. He is a facilitator of wisdom exchanges. He…is  a master at holding space and channeling clarity. The work I am doing with Day is crucial, in that it is reminding me of my strength, opening me up to the wisdom all around and within, challenging me to see myself authentically, and moving me to walk in Grace.

I’m passionate about calling on my client’s greatness. Often, we have to break through our smallness to come into that greatness.


The Emerge Program

6-Month 1 on 1 Purpose Coaching

Available locally in person or nationally/ internationally via Skype

My primary offering is a comprehensive 6-month guidance program called: “Emerge”. It has one primary goal: To help you get unstuck and shaping your purpose on a daily basis for greatest impact.

I work with clients all over the world by phone or Skype. If you live in the Bay Area of California, we can work together in person at my home-office.

The Emerge program is a handcrafted 24 week curriculum that helps my clients:

  • Be more accountable to their commitments
  • Eliminate distractions that prevent purpose
  • Trust that they deserve their gifts
  • Grow their capacity to give these gifts to their livelihood
  • Grow support systems that sustain their emerging purpose
  • Show up needed to their purpose everyday
  • Be in gratitude and service to their purpose
  • Leave a legacy that is beautiful and powerful

The Emerge Program offers:

  • A 3-step curriculum with a purpose map
  • Innovative meditations to work with pressure and stuckness
  • A workbook designed for greater presence and mindfulness
  • Tools, practices and innovative games to untie the knot around your legacy
  • Individualized rituals that bring beauty and meaning everyday
  • Bonus phone call support when you need it most

If you’re resonating with this – sign up for a free 30 minute phone consultation. I’ll listen to what’s keeping you stuck, offer you some reflection / guidance and see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

Miriam Gonzalez
Miriam Gonzalezsocial worker

Before I started working with Day, I was terrified, closed and frankly, scared of my own shadow, of my own voice and it’s power. Working with Day has opened me up to a flow I had cut myself off from a long time ago. It’s the flow of the creative mind, an open heart, Spirit. Day fostered and enabled my ability to trust in the universe by trusting in myself. It’s not an exaggeration to say I’ve experienced magic working with Day.

I am 110% dedicated to my clients and their growth and fill this work with boundless love and generosity. I love working with people who are ready and willing to commit to freeing their purpose.


The Break Free Lab is a 2 hour taste into the work, concepts and skill sets of Legacy As Livelihood.

The Break Free Lab explores 3 steps:

  1. Your job stuckness and the pressure that you feel daily
  2. The process of directing that pressure to Express your Purpose
  3. How to Emerge into your Greatest Purpose and Legacy

The Concepts

▪    Enhancing Self-Expression
▪    Potential and Purpose
▪    Expectations, Judgements & Doubt
▪    Receiving and Giving Your Gifts
▪    Commitment and Support

The Value

▪    A 3-Step System to clearly understand this process
▪    An Emergence Map created to show the “how-to”
▪    Meditations, tools and practices to break free
▪    A nature-connected approach
▪    Opportunities to connect with others who share this struggle
▪    And to work further 1 on 1 with a guide

I believe in a gifting economy. All Labs are by donation.

Where & When

September 27, 4:00pm – 7:00pm
The Center SF
548 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


Break Free Lab Portland


If you want to bring a Lab to your area, please contact Day below.


Holly Labus
Holly Labusspeech-language pathologist

This man made an indelible impact in my life. He helped me through some paralyzing struggles and stagnancy and proved to me that I am enough. I wouldn’t be the fearless life explorer I am now if it weren’t for this stunning human being. He finds your precious heart, your deepest core, your greatest potential and shows you just how incredibly beautiful and strong you can be.

Victor Sella
Victor Sellamediation specialist

Gratitude to Day and the ways in which he helped me become the man I am today. What rises above all is that he is powerful, intuitive, and devoted to the service of breaking free others to be themselves in all of their colors. His no-BS attitude and uncanny ability inspire to growth and creativity make him an amazing resource for anyone who is seeking to live life beyond their edges and patterns.

Marsha Rosenblatt
Marsha Rosenblattyoga teacher

With Day, I have begun a process of shifting away from feeling passive, small, and incapable. I am breaking through and emerging into the much louder, more colorful, and expressive version of myself that has been dormant for my whole life! I am practicing listening to myself so that I can offer myself in service more fully. I am so grateful to have Day with me, bringing awareness to the parts of myself I have been neglecting.



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